welp. future fish is successfully stuck in my head

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So I may have possibly previously mentioned a certain productivity-enhancing extension so you all know I’m Good for this, right, I know what I’m talking about, I got the goods, slyly opens trenchcoat

It’s 2014 and everyone’s talking about how they’re gonna make it their year - well HabitRPG is one of the best productivity tools I’ve ever used and it makes even the most difficult and laborious of tasks so much easier, and helps beat procrastination like nothing else I’ve ever used.

It’s free, so you might as well give it a try before you go back to school, college, or work!

This is really cute, but I know I definitely wouldn’t be using it for its intended purpose…

I am so awful I don’t have the attention span to use HabitRPG


this thing right here dragged me out of my most recent depressive episode. it makes it so i’m not just accountable to myself, which some of you might already know can be destructive when ‘myself’ doesn’t give a shit.

if used properly, it helps me get out of bed and do my laundry and do all those basic little things i need done, and it legitimately destroys my ability to sit there thinking about how awful i am and about how i don’t deserve things like video games and fun nights out or even time to relax alone. because there is fundamental proof right there that i do lots of productive things every day! i wouldn’t have the gold i’m using on fun stuff if i didn’t!

like yes i know brains can be difficult to deal with, and this sort of thing isn’t helpful for everybody. but i’ve been dealing with my own brain for my entire life and i’m amazed at how effectively i was able to redirect my focus and get back on track with this silly little game, just by being able to visualize my personal progress. so yeah, try it out.

I love this idea.

This is fantastic!!!

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Artist: From the FF SOLO CDs

Song: Future Fish ~duet mixes~
Plays: 22,558


So. I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to hear the other Future Fish solo versions… Welp. The bad news is that I can’t give those to you guys yet. The good news is that I can offer you 15 minutes of the solos mixed together into duets to satisfy all of your OTP needs (where the main five are concerned, at least). If you have a NOTP or something you don’t want to listen to then refer to this for listening times:

0:00 Makoto & Haru
1:38 Nagisa & Rei
2:51 Haru & Rin
4:05 Rei & Makoto
5:19 Rin & Nagisa
6:32 Rei & Haru
7:46 Makoto & Rin
9:00 Haru & Nagisa
10:14 Rin & Rei
11:27 Nagisa & Makoto
12:40 Makoto, Haru, & Rin
13:54 All solos mixed together

I had to compress the file a bit so that all fifteen minutes would fit into Tumblr’s 10MB audio upload limit so a slightly better quality can be downloaded here.

If you close your eyes and concentrate you can hear how nerdy and fucking genki Rei is in his solo GOD BLESS.


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Make a deals with every devil in the sight
I will, I will

I have been too busy to draw anything lately /sobs/ SO instead of sleeping take some modern!AU(??) Martin


Make a deals with every devil in the sight

I will, I will

I have been too busy to draw anything lately /sobs/ SO instead of sleeping take some modern!AU(??) Martin


"The world is watching us
Without handing anything out
The world is watching us
Only showing us possibilities”


Suzuki Tatsuhisa and Ono Daisuke during Kurobas Cup 2013

Artist: Makoto Tachibana (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Album: Free! Eternal Summer ED
Song: Free! Eternal Summer ED FUTURE FISH Makoto Tachibana
Plays: 15,822

FUTURE FISH Makoto Tachibana (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) Solo Version.

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